Overall Mission:  You’re invited to support, promote, and participate in the 2014 Holiday Caroling festivities established to spread holiday cheer at senior care centers, as part of a nationwide initiative to promote the overall theme of bringing happiness and/or enlightenment to the elderly, care-givers, and participants during the holiday season.
This simple act of kindness can make a big difference and add true meaning for all involved this holiday season.

Challenge to Seniors/Care-Givers & Magical Healing Power and  Benefits of Music for All of  Us:
The holiday season can be a very challenging time for our senior friends in care centers. Statistics show that, while for many people it’s the most enjoyable time of year, this can be the opposite for seniors residing in care centers because they long to be at their own home and suffer from blues, depression, and even commit suicide. The music, love, compassion, and energy provided by the participants can provide our senior friends much needed mental and spiritual healing power and growth to address this situation.

The holiday season is also the perfect time to acknowledge, honor and extend gratitude to the senior care-givers (i.e. administration, staff, nurses etc.) for their outstanding love, care, and dedication extended on behalf of the residents of each center. These care-givers are on the ‘front lines’ of elderly care and perform ‘above and beyond’ to ensure the residents receive the optimum environment to live a meaningful, rewarding, and enjoyable life style.

Concurrently, it would be wonderful to instill a heightened awareness or enlightenment in the carolers to be appreciative of what they may be taking for granted in their own lives (i.e. health, family, independence etc.)  One can be reminded that it’s important to feel grateful, blessed and happy with what we already have in life, and less concerned with what we don’t have.

Bottom line: The Holiday Caroling Festivities are a very fulfilling opportunity to give and to receive joy, happiness, and holiday spirit to and from the elderly residents, care-givers, and participants, while enhancing one’s own perspective or appreciation of life, health, and family.
Everyone greatly benefits from the festivities.

History/Tradition of the Holiday Caroling Festivities: The tradition of caroling for the elderly began for me as a youngster, while singing at local rest homes with a local teen church group from Dow City, Iowa, then continued while attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha. It has since evolved, grown, and expanded into a series of festivities celebrated across the country.

Who performs: These enjoyable and rewarding community service projects are open to entertainers, singers, and musicians of all talent levels and ages.

The kick-off event for the season is December 06, 2014 at the 9th Annual Kansas City Christmas Caroling festivities.  Visit the Kansas City  page for more information and see the schedule for festivities in our other cities across the country! 

If unable to attend the festivities in the cities listed, you’re encouraged to take your own group or individually visit your local senior centers or shut-ins. This simple act of kindness can make a difference and add true meaning for all involved this holiday season.Please notify me accordingly for any details or help.

Vincent J. Leinen/Founder-National Director Holiday Caroling Festivities

P.S. Together we have the power to make a difference and to make the world a better place especially for our senior friends, their care-givers and festivity participants!
Experience the power, magic, and impact of giving music!

Holiday Cheer to Seniors Starting Dec. 7, 2014

Kansas City – Saturday, December 06, 2014

Los Angeles -  Sunday, December 07, 2014

Denison, Iowa – Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mesa, Arizona – Sunday December , 2014

Omaha, Nebraska – Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dunlap, Iowa – Thursday, December 18, 2014

For viewing the video documentary (10:45 sec.) of the 38th Annual Omaha Holiday Caroling Festivities on 12-16-2012 courtesy of MAJK media, visit: http://vimeo.com/m/57731173

For listening to the Tom Becka Show from The Mighty 1290 KOIL radio interview on 12/13/2012 regarding the 38th Annual Omaha Holiday Caroling Festivities with activity founder/director Vincent J. Leinen visit: http://www.holidaymusicmakingadifference.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/December-13th-2012-seg-4-vincent-leinen-carolling.mp3

For further details on Holiday Caroling Festivities, please refer to www.facebook.com/HolidayCaroling4Seniors or call Vincent J. Leinen at 818-342-9336.

Click on the pictures below to see full galleries of the 30th Caroling Festivities in LA

Above photo: 12-04-2011 30th Annual Los Angeles Holiday Caroling Festivity Group Photo Santa’s South Performance Route @ Hallmark-West Hills Assisted Living, Canoga Park, CA-

Photo courtesy of Jungle Jim & Paul “Pablo” H. Behrens SoYou Photography

Above photo: 12-04-2011 30th Annual Los Angeles Holiday Caroling Festivity-Santa’s North Performance Route Group Photo-Fairwinds-West Hills, West Hills, CA-

 Photo courtesy of Jungle Jim & Paul “Pablo” H. Behrens SoYou Photography


To view special documentaries on the Los Angeles Holiday Caroling Festivities by Smile TV visit  (2013) http://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=-zDrfY5294g&video_referrer=watch and (2012)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MU2vKrh7i6M .

 To view photos of the 2013 or 32nd Annual LAHC courtesy of SoYou Photography visit http://soyouphotography.smugmug.com/Other/12-08-13-32nd-Anual-Holiday/35296182_SJVrwt#!i=2962088196&k=vnFXxKL 



Kimberly Bailey Photography

All Photographs(c)2011 Mark Thompson   Please go to http://www.mytaps.org
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proceed to recent posts “Vincent 30th annual holiday caroling” picture & the bottom of the picture is the link to the remainder of the photos.
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 2011 Los Angeles Holiday Caroling Festivities photos courtesy of Michael Freund Photography

2010 Los Angeles Holiday Caroling Festivities photos courtesy of Michael Freund Photography

2010 Los Angeles Holiday Caroling Photos courtesy of Lee & Harrison Alpert of Alpert Photography

2010 or 29th Annual Los Angeles Holiday Caroling Festivities photos courtesy of Diana Lee Huth Photography

Prominent alumni participants from Los Angeles Holiday Caroling festivities thru 2014

 Prominent alumni participants from Omaha Holiday Caroling Festivities thru 2014

 The 2011-2014 Los Angles Holiday Caroling Festivities are hosted in collaboration with Giving Music-A Music Charity.

Please visit www.GivingMusic.org for details on other opportunities to assist the senior community in Southern California