History has proven that while the holiday season, for many, is “the most wonderful time of the year,” it is our seniors who suffer from increased feelings of isolation and depression. Through music, compassion, and companionship, “Holiday Caroling” gives seniors, care-givers and volunteers a special gift of love, time, emotional and spiritual healing.

"Holiday Caroling Festivities” was founded, and is organized, by Knights of Columbus member Vincent J. Leinen, motivated in part, by his father’s 20-year plight with Parkinson’s disease. Inspiring communities to bring joy and enlightenment to seniors and care-givers has since evolved and is now a nationwide initiative from California to Florida involving over 800 volunteers.                                                                     


Look out our events to find a Holiday Caroling Festivity in your area.

Currently in Los Angeles, Omaha, Iowa and Florida and always happy to help anyone set up a Holiday Caroling Festivity in their community.

This FREE and rewarding local event is open to individuals and/or community groups of all talent levels, ages and faiths.