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There are various ways you can volunteer at any of our events or help even before the holiday season:

  • Sing Christmas carols and Hannukah songs (you don't need to be an expert....just have fun with it)

  • Play an instrument to aid in leading a group/keeping them in tune

  • Hand out carnations to the seniors

  • Bring your friendly service dog for the seniors to pet (Please note this is something that would need to be arranged ahead of time - your dog will need to be OK among a crowd as our events can get very busy especially our Los Angeles event)

  • Hold the hand of a senior (at some of the events we start by having small groups groups going from room-to-room singing for seniors who are bed ridden)

  • Hand out lyric sheets

  • Help with our social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and youtube)

  • Volunteer Greeter - just saying Hi and Merry Xmas or Happy Holidays to our volunteers at the first location and thanking them for coming would be awesome. It would also be wonderful, if you could then go around and do the same to the nurses.

  • Smile - honestly, our seniors just want to see some happy faces...if all you want to do is just be present and smile to show them that they mean something to someone, then we need you :)

Here is a lyric sheet you can download in preparation for this year's event.

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